Our mission

Cooking is a symbiosis with nature, that's why all the vegetables we use to make our meals from, come from the Shambhala Garden - a certified organic farm in the pristine area of Roztocze. This is a place where every plant is carefully treated from the moment it sprouts. The certified farm provides us with the healthiest possible products. The mission of the Shambhala Garden is the cultivation of structurally strong specimens. The strong plants' structure affects the increase in the content of vitamins and minerals, which translates into an increase in immunity and strengthening of the body.

Shambhala Garden has completely excluded the use of any chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides, which, when infiltrated with food into our body, can significantly worsen its condition. In the Garden, weeds are removed mechanically, and insects repelled with natural methods - among others garlic and cinnamon.

The work schedule of the Shambhala Garden is dictated by the season's calendar. By listening to the signals of Nature, the planting and harvesting periods are adapted to each type of plant and vegetable. Vegetables grow at their own pace - healthy and filled with nutritional goodness.

Using vegetables from the Shambhala Garden in our kitchen, we are sure that meals prepared by us will provide all the vitamins and minerals necessary for the proper functioning of the body, and the aroma and taste of our vegetables make it a feast for the senses.