Why 6 tastes?

In Ayurveda, a natural art of healing originating from India, there are 6 flavors. Ayurveda is a science concerned with optimizing human life, how it functions and what resources it has for self-healing. It is also one of the oldest medical practices in the world.

If we want to influence the body through diet, Ayurveda provides us with a very useful framework in the form of the six flavors concept. They are, sweet, salty, sour, spicy, bitter and tart. Each of them influences bodily functions and properties in specific ways. They are also associated with certain elements: sweet with water and earth, salty with fire and water, sour with earth and fire, spicy - with air and fire, bitter with ether and air, and tart with earth and air.

 Food has the role of feeding the body and thus the soul that is in unity. For a harmonious life, the importance and quality of food are priceless. Needless to say, the approach to cooking is equally important - the emotions that an individual has during the cooking process must also be good because the food absorbs them.


In the kitchen of 6 flavors, we attach great importance to the quality of served food and the source of raw materials from which we prepare our meals. We use the benefits of nature because the strength and power of food come from it. The vegetables we use come directly from the certified organic farm - Shambhala Garden, where biodynamic and ecological cultivation methods are used, vegetables are characterized by unparalleled vitality and contain the maximum amount of vitamins and microelements. The farm is located in an unspoiled location, far from big cities, industrial rainfall, electromagnetic smog, and lays in the buffer zone of a National Park and Landscape Park. This magical location is Roztocze. A whole year was devoted to the preparation of the soil so that the vegetables had even more vitamins and minerals. Vegetables are watered with crystalline water from a very deep well. Our vegetables are grown in the best soil, the best water, the best possible air and by the best gardeners.

In our kitchen, we prepare fresh vegan gluten-free lunches for you every day. We also offer vegan / vegetarian/gluten-free catering services for special events.

We make sure that the meals are properly balanced in terms of the proportion of ingredients, so as to provide the body with everything needed for efficient and proper functioning.

 We do not use highly processed products, flavor enhancers, GMOs, white sugar, white flour, white refined salt or any frozen foods. We are against the use of microwave ovens - that's why we deliver our vegan lunches in special steel thermos containers, so that the meals are hot, without contact with plastic and without having to be heated in a microwave that destroys the nutritional properties of the food.

We pay attention to the presence of fermented products (own production) in the diet such as tempeh, silage, borscht.

We compose our menu according to the seasons, respecting the balance of acid-base food.

Our team consists of people with passion and heart for cooking. We believe that food absorbs emotions, that's why we care for our crew so that their smile accompanies them during their work.